How To Be As Efficient As Possible When Packing Your Items For A Move

Even if packing for a move is an activity that isn’t your cup of tea, the fact of the matter is that it has to be done. Who else will do it? Unless you opt for a packing service on top of a removals service, the packing is often relegated to you. Even then, you would still have to organise it so that the packing goes as smoothly as possible, and you would still have to sort through your items just to decide which ones to keep and which ones to do away with. So how can you be efficient when it comes to packing for a move? If you want to be as efficient as can be, here’s what you need to know.


It’s easy to become distracted whilst you’re packing. Telephone calls, visits from friends or family, and other chores can easily distract you from your task. But set aside a specific time each day for your packing activity – the time when you feel that you will not be disturbed. It’s important to not lose your focus whilst you’re packing, even though it is one of the most boring things you have to do. To make it easier, take breaks every once in a while. If you are planning to pack for two hours, for example, then take a break every half hour or so. Even just a five-minute break can do wonders for your morale and physical endurance.

Do something during those breaks

If you’re tired of packing, take a break. As mentioned above, it’s important to take breaks whilst packing so you don’t lose your focus. So what can you do during those ‘breaks?’ it’s easy – do something that will relax you. Listen to some music, check the updates and news feed on your social media account, or simply go outside and breathe some fresh air. When you go back to packing, you’ll feel more refreshed and relaxed.

Avoid distractions and disturbances

Avoiding distractions and disturbances is easier said than done, you might think, but it is possible. When you are on your packing schedule, try to eliminate as many disturbances and distractions as possible. If you have small children, have someone else take care of them for a few hours. If you’re always on your mobile phone, turn it off (or at least keep it on silent mode) whilst packing. Before packing, make sure the room is at the right temperature. Have a snack first before packing so you don’t get hungry in the middle of the task.

Removals and self storage Gloucester professionals from Advanced Removals & Storage know all too well how much of a challenge packing can be – but if you follow these three simple rules, you’ll be done before you know it.

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