Simple Tips For Healthy Eyes

healthy eyes

How many of you go for regular eye checkups? How many of you ensure that your sunglasses are protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays? A vital part of your health is your eyes. Often they are taken for granted just because there’s no uneasiness or sometimes just a little irritation. Only when you start to see things a little blurry with your naked eyes or experience serious discomfort in them, you make an appointment with the eye doctor. But this should not be the case! Caring for your eyes is of utmost importance.
Here are a few easy tips to care for them with your busy routine:

  • Wear Proper Sunglasses

Do not wear sunglasses only for making a style statement and don’t buy them just from any shop. Buy sunglasses which offer protection to your eyes from the scorching heat, pollution and ultraviolet radiation rays. The best ones are made of the best optical quality and give cent percent UV absorption. It’s easy to shop for them online with a large variety. Here are some Jabong sunglasses coupons to help you save!

  • Quit Smoking

While smoking is responsible for many health diseases, it’s also more likely for you to get optic nerve damage and cataracts through it. If you have already gone through several stages of quitting smoking, try professional help and try harder to get out of this bad habit. Don’t just give up!

  • Go for Medicines

There are a few medicines available online which will help you in maintaining a good eye vision and protecting your eye from infections. But before going for them, ensure that you have consulted with your doctor to avoid any kind of side- effects. With these healthkart coupon codes, buy one for you at a discounted price and with cashback!

  • Use Eye Creams

Eye creams are not just essential to ensure that your eyes are properly moisturized but also to retain their youngness. You may be able to get 10X younger looking eyes but you will be able to keep off wrinkles and fine lines for a long time. To be successful in this, go for ones which contain a small percentage of retinol. Retinol is a famous anti-aging ingredient and is used widely to prevent aging.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

Consume foods that are rich in essential vitamins and anti-oxidants. Leafy green vegetables are packed with anti-oxidants to prevent cataracts. Eggs, being a main source of zinc and lutein help lessen macular degeneration risk. Eat Vitamin C and Vitamin E rich foods like berries and almonds. Keep a few almonds in your bag and eat them every day on your way to travel. Eat fish if you are suffering from dry eyes.

  • Turn Left and Turn Right

If you spend your time on computer for too long, keep looking away from it at regular intervals. Blink more if you feel your eyes are dry. Use eye drops if your eyes look red. Get up every two hours and take a five minute walk.

  • Take Regular Eye Exams

Prevention is better than cure and same is the case here. Go for regular eye checkups to detect any sort of problem at its early stage. This way you can get it treated on time.

Respect your eyes enough to avoid becoming a victim due to your negligence.

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