3 Ways Strengthen Your Hair

No look is complete without a hairstyle which is just right for it! From long curled locks which look perfect with an evening gown, to a high top knot which complements your corporate look, and loose beachy waves which make the perfect holiday picture, your hair makes it possible for you to don your favourite look! Here are a few simple tricks which will help you strengthen your hair and prepare it for styling in any way you like.

3 Ways Strengthen Your Hair

  • Avoid using too much heat: while your favourite curling iron or hair straightener is perfect for giving you just the right look for that party, it may have a long-lasting and irreversible effect on the health of your hair. Control the amount of heat you use on your hair to avoid hair and scalp damage. Styling may make you look like a million bucks, but it is advisable to resist temptation and save the need to subject your hair to heat treatment only once in a while. Embrace the natural texture of your hair, getting a haircut which makes the most of its natural beauty, and stick to a simple hairstyle which does not require too much maintenance.

  • Apply coconut oil twice a week: Pamper your hair and scalp with thick nourishing coconut oil twice a week. Massage the oil gently into your scalp, and rub it along the whole length of your hair, especially the roots and ends, to strengthen each strand. Rich in nutrients, coconut oil is perfect for brittle or weak hair. Covering oiled hair with cellophane paper and letting it sit for ten to fifteen minutes ensures added benefits.

  • Get a trim! Most people do not maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle which is necessary for well-nourished long hair. This results in split ends and breakages. Trimming a few centimetres off the ends ever two to three weeks is the best way to guard against this problem. If you’re someone who doesn’t like trim or go for a regular cut then try online medicines that help your hair stay healthy.

  • Diet and Supplements:Attention to diet and exercise are essential to good health and luxuriant hair. A vitamin-rich diet and lots of water ensure that you always have an enviable mane. Iron-rich foods like Lentils and tofu,foods rich in Zinc like almonds and walnuts, foods which supply biotin like beans, selenium from nuts, vitamin B12 from Yogurt, Vitamin A from eggs carrots and spinach, plenty of carbs from whole grains, and calcium from milk are all important nutrients which nourish you hair, preventing brittleness and breakage and making it healthy and long.

Natural remedies and regular care with Health supplements go a long way in ensuring good health for your hair. However if you are facing severe hair-loss, dandruff, or any other affliction which is taking a toll of your hair, make sure you see a trichologist who can diagnose the root-cause and prescribe a treatment. Health supplements which are easily available on online medical stores like Zigy are perfect for ensuring healthy hair.

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