Advice To Remove The Stress Of Office Moving

Advice To Remove The Stress Of Office Moving

Moving is never an easy undertaking, whether it’s your home or your office. When not properly organized, the entire procedure can lead to unnecessary stress and work for you and your employees. Here are several ways you can help your business transition smoothly from your current to the new office.

Plan ahead of time.

Creating a floor plan and a seating chart ahead of time helps everyone get situated in the new space with a minimum of fuss and disruption. Coupled with good signage in your new location, this process saves time and lets your Bill Removalists Sydney movers place furniture and other materials where they need to go.

Include your employees.

Talk to your employees about where you’re planning to move.  Discuss how the move might affect their commutes and assuage any concerns that may come up.  Have them submit suggestions if they have any.  Also, tell your employees about the move well in advance, so they have time to prepare. If the move dramatically affects any of your employees, try to be more flexible about work hours.

Use efficient tools.

Take advantage of any tools that streamline your moving experience. For instance, instead of using individual cardboard boxes, you can use time-saving carts and reusable plastic totes. Forget all those rolls of tape and stacks of cardboard boxes that have to be assembled before the move and then broken down and hauled to the trash when your move is done.

Advice To Remove The Stress Of Office Moving

Minimize the things you’ll bring.

Try to donate, recycle or sell old hardware, furniture or equipment.  The more stuff you give away, the less you’ll have to move into the new place.  And if you’re moving a bunch of clunky hardware such as big fax machines or computer towers, it’s probably time to upgrade your stuff or switch to cloud computing tools.

Make it fun.

Moving is stressful enough, so make it fun.  Get the entire team involved, and have an office moving party. Your employees could use a break, especially if you’re moving during the hot summer months.  But don’t let operations completely slide and be totally unavailable to customers or business contacts. You could even get your customers involved in the move by holding an event or inviting them to a grand opening party.

Get all necessities.

When it comes to moving and setting up computers and networks at your new office, it is important, nay critical that you have the required documentation, software, and backup in place before doing anything. Get help from removals from Sydney to Port Macquarie by Bill Removalists Sydney to make the transition smooth.

Look for your login information and data keys together, USBs, the CDs, and software product license keys in case you need to install programs again, and have your data backed-up in a certain place in the event of a problem where you lose valuable data on a computer.

There you go- pieces of advice that will help you make your office move a fun and stress-free experience.

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