ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Procedure And Card Types

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Procedure And Card Types

For credit cards, among the top choices are ICICI credit cards. The bank is not only popular for its customer services but also for its wide range of products such as credit cards. The simplicity of the product makes it so attractive that people desire to use it once in their lifetime.

Most of the cards come with fuel surcharge waiver which is again the first requirement of a credit card applicant. Other than these features, the bill payment system is also simple. Below is the description given on bill payment, balance transfer facility, credit card types and others.

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Online

The payment procedure of ICICI Bank credit card is simple and hassle-free. You can pay the bill online as well as offline. The offline process includes the payment by cheque and in the online process, NetBanking facility is there. You will need the customer ID to login and then follow the process.

Is there balance transfer facility on ICICI credit cards?

The bank does not provide balance transfer facility on its credit cards. The features such as higher cashback offers, fuel surcharge waiver, and low annual fees make the card unique in itself.  

Types of ICICI Bank Credit Cards:

Gemstone – The gemstone collection is designed to meet the everyday lifestyle of the people. The collection includes:

  • ICICI Bank Coral
  • ICICI Bank Coral American Express
  • ICICI Bank Rubyx
  • ICICI Bank Sapphiro
  • ICICI Bank Diamant

Airline Cards – Every payment made by airline cards increases an opportunity to get the free flight tickets. This category comprises of:

  • Jet Airways Coral
  • Jet Airways Rubyx
  • Jet Airways Sapphiro
  • British Airways Premium

Fuel Cards – The holder of this type of card gets the benefit of cash back and fuel surcharge waiver. The holder saves expenses on movie tickets and fuel purchased from the selected outlets. The fuel cards include:

  • HPCL Coral American Express
  • HPCL Coral
  • HPCL Platinum

Contactless Payment Cards – This type of cards have built-in MasterCard contactless technology for safe and secure retail payments. The user can earn good reward points on every spent paid by it. The contactless cards involve:

  • Coral Contactless
  • HPCL Coral Visa Contactless

Ferrari Cards – The Ferrari Card user has the privilege to access the airport lounge and gets discounts on the Ferrari merchandise at the online Ferrari Store. The card offered under this category are:

  • Ferrari Signature
  • Ferrari Platinum

Others – There are more cards that come with lot more benefits. And they are as follows:  

  • Platinum Chip
  • Instant Platinum
  • Coral Credit Card Against Fixed Deposit
  • Unifare Mumbai Metro Credit Card
  • Unifare Delhi Metro Credit Card
  • Unifare Bangalore Metro Credit Card

ICICI Bank Credit Card Eligibility

The eligibility criteria based on which bank approves credit card application is mentioned below:

  • You must have a minimum monthly income set by the bank which is generally ₹16,000 per month if you are an existing customer of ICICI Bank other a minimum net monthly income of ₹31,000.
  • You must be working with a reputed firm or MNC
  • You must have a healthy credit score
  • There should be any default in your profile

ICICI Credit Card Status

You can check the application status online as well as offline. You can either contact the customer care department or visit the nearest bank branch to see how much time it will take for the approval. Otherwise, you can do it by NetBanking with the help of the login ID.

ICICI Credit Card Statement

You get the monthly ICICI credit card statement on the registered email ID. The statement is sent on the billing date wherein the due date, the minimum due amount, the transaction details, etc. are mentioned for the reference.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Helpline

If you have any query related to ICICI credit card, you can contact the customer care department. There is a separate link on its website in case of any grievances, complaints or queries. You can just dial the Toll Free number 1800 102 4242 between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

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