4 Ways Of Improving Your Business Website

4 Ways Of Improving Your Business Website

Every business operating today needs a website. However, many businesses end up neglecting their website, and therefore miss out on extra potential revenue. Here are 4 ways of instantly improving the appeal of your business’s website.

Focus on Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important considerations when designing a website, yet many continue to overlook just how significant it is. Good navigation makes it easy for a first-time visitor to your website to find their way around. In addition to making it easy to get from one part of your website to another, good navigation will also allow viewers to quickly and intuitively gain an understanding of your website’s layout and what it contains.

In order to ensure that your website is as easy to navigate as possible, consider which approach will work best for your circumstances. A small business website that only consists of a few different sections will have a much easier time laying all of this out at once. However, for websites that have more for users to familiarize themselves with, a more creative approach is required.

Where there are lots of sections and subsections to account for, a system of collapsible menus is often the most efficient way of presenting the information. However you ultimately decide to tackle the issue of navigability, make sure that you put it at the center of your design choices.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

This is an important rule to remember in any kind of creative pursuit as you should never make your website more complicated than it needs to be. Overcomplicating your website will inevitably harm its navigability, but it can also inhibit its overall functionality. Whenever you are considering adding a new element to your website, no matter how big or small, take the time to consider whether it is something that your website really needs, or just something you are adding for the sake of it.

Add a Blog

A blog is an excellent way of making a website built for a business into something that a general audience might appreciate. Your blog can cover whatever subjects you choose, but industry news makes the most sense. For example, if you operate a golfing supply business, have a look at Atthetee.com for some examples of what your blog might include.

Try not to make your blog too general – you want to ensure that you are able to turn as many of the visitors to your website into customers as is possible. If a significant portion of your visitors are there for content unrelated to your business, it will be harder to convert them.

Ask for Customer Feedback

The regular visitors to your website will often be able to give you the most useful feedback, especially when it comes to introducing new features and changing old ones. It is a good idea to add a link or form at the end of your online ordering process to allow customers to leave feedback of their experience. Be on the lookout for the kind of complaints and comments which keep coming up from multiple customers.

Building a website today is so easy that anyone can do it, but to build a successful and useful website requires more finesse. The above tips will give you the best possible starting point from which to launch your next website upgrade project.

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