Choose The Photography Style Wisely To Create Your Dream Wedding Album


The time has finally arrived when you will tie the knot for life. You have finished deciding on the venue, the food, and your attire. The guest list is made and invitations are sent. Leeds is a beautiful place in itself to allow magic to creep in your way. Now you want someone to capture the magical moments in a perfect way so that you can relive the memories later.

Finding a skilled wedding photographer Leeds and deciding on the technique of photography is your next step. The style of photography will govern a major role in selecting the photographer as each one has their own magical way of presenting the final edits.

Dilemma between digital and film photography

The modern era of technology presents you with options to choose between the digital ones or the traditional film styles. Both have their own sets of pros and cons. The following aspects of both types can help you clear your dilemma:


  • It is the most frequently used style of photography giving you time advantage and early results.
  • Digital version of the cameras even work perfectly in low light.
  • Digital cameras allow the use of previews to provide room for adjustments.
  • There is no limit of the film space, so you get huge number of pictures to pick from.
  1. Film
  • The range in film style of photography is better where you can give highlights and shadows.
  • Films provide an organic quality to the pictures.
  • However films have a disadvantage of limited space, processing and turnaround time.

Styles of photography that can guide you decision of choosing a wedding photographer

The current era presents too many choices, when it comes the way you want your marriage album to be presented. It is same like choosing colors and designs. You have the following options to choose the appearance of your photos and album:


  • It gives a traditional grandparents style of look to your wedding album.
  • They are formal yet gorgeous photographs and imply a realistic approach to your album.


  • This delivers candid pictures that give you those Awe moments.
  • It delivers photographs where you as a couple enjoy the moments together which definitely takes your album to yet another level of perfection.


  • It is a candid picture taken using varied techniques.
  • Scene is set for you; yet you are asked to live in the moment.


  • Flash and off camera photography where lightning is the major affecting factor governs a dramatic photography style.
  • Capturing picturesque moments can be a daunting task if the weather is not on your side.


  • It is viewed as a series of actions clicked at different angles.
  • It allows interactions and captures the intimate space in the pictures.

Check the portfolios before making any choice and then let your photographer use his expertise to create magic in his very own style.

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