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Physically strong. Mentally fit. Disciplined and controlled. These are some characteristics of an efficient full-contact Muay Thai fighter. This “art of eight limbs” has grown in popularity after being featured in films and television. Muay Thai is also becoming another great reason to visit Thailand. As a rival to the other martial arts, Muay Thai originated in Thailand. The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (P.A.T) is still governing the professional league of Muay Thai fighters. The ultimate dream of the aspiring contact fighter is to travel here to get some hardcore training.

Muay Thai’s popularity has grown considerably and attending a training camp is as popular as going to the beach. A combination of moves to test athletes’ endurance and stamina is a sure way to burn calories for serious weight loss. It is a sport that will get you into shape fast. However, it might be easier to find the perfect beach in Thailand, than your perfect gym. Different Muay Thai fighters have different goals when training and combing the Internet for that perfect gym, might be quite a challenge.

What to Look for in the Perfect Muay Thai Training Camp

There are some factors that might get you closer to your ideal training camp. Consider which of the following qualities are more important to you and let that guide you. The first and most obvious consideration should be the facility you would be training in. Is it a gym with good hygiene habits? Most athletes serious about Muay Thai recommend gyms with matted floors. It makes sense, since it is hard and costly to wash carpeted floors, and it probably isn’t done as often.

Another good hygiene tip is to always use your own boxing gear, even if the gym provides boxing gloves. Your health is very important now. Getting sick means that you won’t be able to train. You didn’t travel all the way to stay in bed. Getting injured on a slippery floor might leave you out of the ring even longer. This is another good reason to train on matted floors. When you have a look at the gym, also check if their training equipment is maintained well. It should be of good quality and quantity. A good Muay Thai camp is Muaythaiworlds . You probably paid a lot to get here, so make sure there are enough bags, boxing rings, and mat space. You didn’t come all this way to shadow box while you wait in line.

What About the Trainers at Training Camp?

Make sure your trainer can teach you new techniques. He has to motivate you and correct your form if necessary. If you read about a celebrated trainer on the website, ask to be trained by him. Make sure there is a trainer for every three or less students, so you get quality time from your training camp. Another fact to consider is that there should be enough Thai fighters to teach you what you’ve come for, but also enough foreign fighters who are in your weight class. This brings us to training partners. Make sure the training camp has skilled training partners to challenge you, but also unskilled fighters so that you don’t get thrown around the whole day. A balance between “the experienced” and “the learning” is important.

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