Relishing The Delicious Food At Gulbarga

Relishing The Delicious Food At Gulbarga

South India is known for its variety of cuisines that are prepared with great care and to meet the varied tastes and preferences. Food in Karnataka and more specifically Gulbarga is quite unique, offering travelers with some sumptuous food items that they might have never tasted before in their life. Besides the plenty of tourist attractions to visit in the city of Gulbarga, the region also boasts of offering the tourists with fabulous food that should be tasted when in the city. In case, the person misses out on visiting the place, then he can always order his choice of food delivery at Gulbarga station, if his train is passing by that station. He can enjoy relishing lip smacking, authentic food of the region by ordering online.

Some of the top dishes prepared and served in Gulbarga

  • Mysore Paak: The locals simply love this recipe. It is also a hot favorite among the Kannads as well, including the tourists coming from different parts of the country and the globe. Made from pure ghee, cardamom, Bengal gram, sugar and milk, this sweet dish is quite tasty and great for those who have sweet tooth. It is known to just melt when put inside the mouth and the person is sure to crave for more. It has its origin from the city of Mysore, another place in the state of Karnataka. It also is known for its even consistency. The sweet dish can be stored for weeks together, without it getting spoilt. This effectively means, the traveler can purchase some for himself, for his family, friends, colleges and just about everyone he knows during the trip. It is an important item that is prepared on every festive occasion that is celebrated here.

  • Idli and Uddina Vada: Vada and idly are undoubtedly the hot favorite snacks in South India and the city of Gulbarga is not an exception to this. It is considered to be a deadly combination that can be had for breakfast in the morning or as snacks in the evening with hot coffee. Besides being tasty and healthy, it is also quite filling for the stomach offering that fullness in the person. This breakfast is had in every household in the city and is favored upon. The preparation is made from rice and dal, soaked overnight in water. One can have variety of idlis in this region like thatte idli, rava idli, button idli, etc. White sambhar and chutney is served with idli and vada which is indeed delicious and mouth watering, making the dish to be termed to be difficult to be resisted upon. Furthermore, for those, who are calorie and fitness conscious are sure to favor idli a lot.

  • Chowchow bath: Although this traditional dish is known to have a funny sounding name, it is enjoyed by the locals for breakfast. Preparing this dish is very easy and requires rava or sooji. It can be prepared in both spicy and sweet form.

Whatever be it, visiting Gulbarga and forgetting to taste the delicacies prepared here is indeed a missed out opportunity for the tourists.
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