Manufacturers Designing Quench System For The Existing Furnace

Manufacturers Designing Quench System For The Existing Furnace

The heat treatment industry is always looking for methods through which it can enhance productivity. Industrial furnace manufacturers integrate equipment and processes that are cost effective and safer to apply. These aspects are never requested, but required by industrial clients who wish to install latest thermal systems or expand or enhance the processes they use at their facility. This is a true story of a global manufacturer for the aerospace industry that requires custom-designed, material handling and fully automated heat treatment system.

For enhancement in safety, quality, and reliability, manufacturers have introduced heat treatment and quenching cell that has fully-automated instrumentation and controls to get the best results. The latest quenching system is intended by the engineers to complement the processes which were already in use and is installed at the manufacturing facility of the client.

Integrating standard and custom equipment with complete automation offers additional benefits. Automation is helpful as it lowers the risk of burns and lifting strains to staffers of production department as the responsibility of part manipulation transferred from the operators to the robot. Automation also offers the consistent transfer time required between the quench and the furnace units. This brings consistent process reliability.

Customized solutions help enhance uniformity and system efficiency. It is not hard to intend a custom, heat treatment and quenching system, but first engineers need to assess the existing process. The heat treating process involves metal component heating under a protective environment prior sending the component to a fixture quench. This process becomes complex when there are different shaped parts are passed through.

Major parts of automated system include an infeed conveyor, end-of-arm tooling, robot, furnace along with atmosphere system, quenching press, and exit wash conveyor. User can use the infeed conveyor, robot, and exit wash conveyor with last modification on the basis of the evaluation report.

At times overflowed oil onto the floor when pressurization is going on develops a fire risk. Manufacturers eliminate this risk by offering a solid base of the rotary hearth furnace. Moreover, furnace manufacturers intended a universal platen system to offer uniform quenching of the entire range of products with minimal change in tooling. The design helps in accepting the custom tooling and making slight changes between the parts.

The compact size of the cell and the uniform flow pattern, most industries prefer latest educational system over the traditional agitator system. Educators are placed within the tank to offer uniform flow for different part sizes without making any change in the size of the tank. User can manage and adjust the educator flow and modify the quench as per his needs.

Heat treaters are constantly looking for methods to enhance productivity and maintain uniformity and quality. They consider the processes that are cost effective and answer safety. Industrial furnace manufacturers India are offering integrated solutions for custom-designed, fully automated furnaces to worldwide clients. These systems are increasingly becoming a popular choice for industrial manufacturing industry.

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