Know The Importance Of 3 C’s Of Email Marketing

Know The Importance Of 3 C’s Of Email Marketing

Email continues to be a popular and effective marketing tools for the entrepreneurs running a business. Silverpop’s annual email marketing survey revealed that last year the company got the highest open rates and click through rates. In this article provided below, we will be able to look at the strategies that are essential to increase the effectiveness of email marketing, especially through the targeted or personalized emails. More than just growing up the sales, targeted emails are also a better option of providing the customer with amazing service experience. Here are the three “Cs” of targeted email marketing that is essential for the customers to grow up their business.

Customer Persona & Interest

There is very common these days that people only prefer and click on the emails to open them that are more relevant to them or are of their interest. There is no surprise in this. So, it’s essential to gather up the customer data or gather research on your customer behaviour and interests before pointing them with the emails. Successful e-commerce businesses spend more time in collecting customer details and using them for their business. The more detailed information you have of your customers, the more effective and targeted your email marketing can be. If one review about the developed organisation PayPal, and the experts of PayPal customer support team revealed that in the starting they also initiated growing their business online through this process.

Customer Behaviour

Your behaviour is just to target your customers. For example, many e-commerce businesses have started sending emails to their customers who have filled an online shopping cart on their official website. So, for the users, those who run out of time during payment, trigger an email so that they could remember them that their items are waiting for them in the shopping cart. Or for shoppers who drop off during checkout, consider leveraging any special deals or promotions. Shoppers tend to open emails when they see the amazing deals online.

Customer Action

Emails sent after an “action” (i.e. order confirmation, delivery notice) have the highest open and click rates. So, these emails can provide the entrepreneurs as a great chance to engage the users or cross-sell other services. For example, an email confirmation for a camera purchase might involve the promotion for a camera accessory or something compatible.

So, one can try out this feature while promoting their business online and to fulfil the dreams of yours. If you are running your business offline then it’s high time to take it online as everyone is using smartphones these days and can engage with these services.

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