How To Fight Pest Infestation?

How To Fight Pest Infestation?

Everyone doesn’t expect the unpleasant guests such as rats, cockroaches, bugs and mice.  The foul smell of their droppings makes spaces disease-ridden and unhealthy. They nibble household items, wires and even dig burrows for shelter.  Wasps, ants, mites, insects and other pests are annoying. They dwell in all corners of homes including store rooms, kitchen, and gardens.

Pests are sources of uninterrupted chaos and turmoil. Maintaining hygienic conditions can work to reduce the menace caused by them.  Several treatments are available which can be used to control the pest infestation. They are aimed to make surroundings pest proof to eradicate the pests.

Here’s an overview at pest control Slough treatments which are used to combat different types of pests:

Insect Heat Treatment: Heat treatment is effective for killing fleas found in mattress, beds, drapes and sofas. Heat treatment is the most viable chemical-free solution to destroy the eggs completely.

The temperature of the infested item or area is increased to more than 50⁰C for a definite time period. The high heat causes the insects to dehydrate and eradicates the eggs and larvae of the insects.

Baiting: Baiting and trapping are used to reduce the infestation of rats.  The droppings such as hair, urine are perfect breeding grounds for health risks. Food items such as cheese, bread and cereals are used to trap the rodents. This technique is a human way of trapping rats. If the infestation is higher, the rats are poisoned. Holes and other access points are blocked to prevent the entry of rats.

Fumigation: Fumigation is an ideal technique to control pest infestation in warehouses, factories and stores. Fumigants are sprayed in closed spaces where the pests are allowed to suffocate. Chemicals such as methyl isocyanine, phosphine, and hydrogen cyanide are used as fumigants.

Controlled Atmosphere Technology:

It is suitable for artefacts, textiles, books and other precious items. The items are enclosed in polymer membrane. The air of the membrane is replaced by inert gases. These gases inhibit the development of pests. Nitrogen and carbon-dioxide are used to treat painting to prevent colour changes.

Bird Proofing:  Large flocks of pigeons can be controlled using netting and spiking. These techniques cause no harm to the birds. Meshing is used to prevent the entry of birds under solar panels, air-conditioners, staircases and other access points.

At time spiking and shooting is also used depending on the severity of the condition.

Freezing Treatment:  It is method of killing the pests by lowering the temperature of the sealed area. Liquid carbon-dioxide is sprayed on the infected area which later solidifies into dry ice. The pests freeze in the cold ice and are eradicated. This is a chemical-free treatment to destroy pests with no risks.

Thermal Imaging System: This used infrared rays to locate the pests in wall cavities, roofs and floors. Once the pests are detected appropriate treatments are used to reduce the infestation.

Contact the pest control Slough experts to reduce the pet infestation and prevent occurrence of harmful diseases.

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