White Water Rafting: The Vacation Of 2016

White water rafting is an exciting, adventurous, family-oriented outdoor sport that is an excellent focus for any family vacation. Although this can be a dangerous sport, careful choices about safety equipment, a professional guide and river difficulty can make this sport the vacation adventure of a lifetime for the entire family.

Let the Guide Do the Work

Although white water rafting has often been seen as a sport for only the most die-hard nature and adventure lovers, it has grown in popularity over the years to take center stage as an extremely popular vacation idea. Professional white water rafting companies and guides do all the work for you – transport the raft, provide the safety equipment and guide you and your family down the river. Many white water tour companies will even provide snacks or a meal, and may arrange for photographers along the river route to snap your photo as you hit the big rapids.

Unspoiled Natural Wilderness

White water rafting adventures can take you and your family through some of the most revered and spectacular landscapes in the world. Many river gorges are not accessible by motorized vehicles and may also be difficult to access by foot; rafts will take you through many wilderness areas that have been rarely seen by others. Wildlife is plentiful along rivers, and you can plan to see many fish, birds and other wild animals.

The Memories of Adventure

As a vacation destination that appeals to everyone, white water rafting simply can’t be topped. Your children will be thrilled about the opportunity for such an exciting adventure that will provide photos for sharing with friends and fond memories to last for a lifetime. Rafting is an adventure about which your kids will be very excited, and sharing the work and fun of rafting the river will create new family bonds and harmony.

Vacation Events for Large Groups

When your friends and family hear about how you spent your vacation time, they will be enthusiastic about seeing your photos and planning their own white water rafting trips. As a group vacation opportunity, white water rafting is an excellent choice, as up to six people can typically ride in a raft together. For larger groups, multiple rafts and guides can be booked to create a huge group vacation event for as many friends and family members as you’d like to include.

Choosing a Guide

Choose your destination and take the time to research the professional white water rafting guides in the area. Some may offer river routes and amenities that are especially important for your family’s needs. Safety is always an important consideration when choosing a white water rafting company to guide your adventure. Their equipment should be well maintained, the professional guides should have a strong familiarity with the river and surrounding terrain and all participants should be provided with safety equipment such as a lifejacket.

Plan Your Summer Vacation Now

Your 2016 white water rafting vacation should be planned now for best scheduling options; with this adventurous sport catching on in popularity, guides will be booking up quickly. Choosing and booking your preferred dates now will allow you to spend the next few months dreaming about all the fun you and your family will have this summer.

This article was written by Ryan Thomas for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.

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