The Obvious Signs That You Need A New Roof

One of the most trickiest part about owning a home is to understand that when you need to get it maintained. While your whole house needs maintenance from time to time but also it is a fact that some parts of the house just needs to be maintained much more frequently than other parts. The roof of your house is one such part. Now though it needs to be maintained at set intervals, still it always helps when you know the exact signs which prompts that your roof requires to be replaced.

The Obvious Signs That You Need A New Roof

When coming to Chicago roofing, one of the most common problems is that of leakage. So here are some obvious signs which shows that the roof is leaking:

  1. Have you recently noticed the shingles of your roof to be bending? This is a common sign that your roof is leading its way towards leaking. The bent shingles only mean that these are on its way out and can be caused by improper installation of the roof or any movement in the deck of the roof.

  1. The most common and obvious sign that your roof is leaking is perhaps noticing patches of molds or algae on your roof. This is a sure sign of moisture which is only exhibited when there is a reasonable presence of water building up slowly under the roof! It is common when the climate you are living in is relatively hot and humid as well.

  1. Shingles are one such thing in your Chicago roofing, by the look of which you can pretty well understand the condition of your roof. Therefore, if you have noticed even one shingle which looks like damaged then there is a pretty good chance that your roof has leaking problems or will develop it soon and therefore requires to be replaced immediately. Much worst is the case when there are entire shingles missing from their place! This typically occurs when your roof has been there for too long and if your locality or area is frequent to harsh weather conditions.

  1. The flashing of a roof is immensely important as it controls the dripping of the water from your roof. Often when the flashing at the edge of your roof is damaged then it is a telltale sign that there is a worse kind of leakage in your roof. Hence when you come across this sign, it is best that you act upon it as swiftly as possible.

  1. The ceilings of your home also exhibits certain signs when your roof is leaking. If you notice that the ceiling of your home is full of spots in different places then it is a sure sign that there is water dripping from the roof right to the ceiling of your home.

Other than this, you should always remember that dealing with a roof leak is never easy and it is something which should never be ignored and let to grow at the first place. According to many experts on Chicago roofing, the faster you act the better results you get and the less you have to spend as well.

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