Divorce Process In Florida

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People have heard a lot about divorce-related terms such as “child support,” “spousal support,” and “time sharing,” but don’t understand what these terms mean or how to resolve them. The divorce attorney ft Lauderdale will help you understand divorce process and the issues related to it.

Though each dissolution action is unique, the main issues in most dissolution actions are:
(1) Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities; (2) Alimony; (3) Child support; and (4) Custody and deciding parenting plans.

  1. Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities:
    Dividing assets and liabilities is not just about dividing the money you both physically own but also include the amount you have in form of other assets like your retirement accounts, stocks and even, your debt. Important thing to  that anything acquired before the marriage is not divisible as it comes in the category of “non-marital” while anything acquired during the marriage is divisible as it is “marital”.In Florida assets and liabilities are equally distributed that comes under the category of “marital” and strives to obtain an equitable result.Divorce Process In Florida
  2. Alimony:
    Alimony or also termed as “Spousal support”. Alimony will not likely be at issue if you have to give it as an obligation towards the support of other partner but if you have had a long-term marriage and earn highly different incomes, alimony will likely be at issue in your divorce. Spousal support is different in case-to-case basis, on a number of factors. Clients like to compare themselves to other client’s divorce cases when discussing alimony.
  3. Child Support:
    Child support is mainly based on the factors like; income of each parent, the timesharing arrangement between the parents, the number of children in common, and the costs associated with the children.
  4. Time-sharing/Custody:
    Here the best interest of a child is the court’s primary concern in determining time-sharing related issue. There is no one-way to design a parenting plan, and no two parenting plans look the same. Your attorney will work with you and determine what is best for you and your child.Other factors necessary to do equal justice between the parties divorce attorney ft Lauderdale will help for your position in regard to all of these factors, and ensure your best interests are protected when filing a petition with or without minor children. Check out for more details on website and speak with our experts.
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