Important Steps For Opening An Office In London

Important Steps For Opening An Office In London

A business’ prospects are boosted rapidly by being based in a city. London is no exception, with one million head offices in the capital since 2016 showing a significant growth of corporate dealings. It’s not as simple as a fashion fad, as companies are looking at more exposure and importance by being perfectly poised in a commercially active area.

However, basing your business in London is no small feat. A great many challenges are presented both before, during and after such a big change. Whether it’s finding an office space or securing the funds to acquire it, there many bothersome issues that must be batted out of the way first. Consequently, here are three important steps to consider when looking to open an office in London.

Step 1: Affording It

It won’t shock or surprise you to know that London is expensive. Everything from the sandwiches to property comes with a hefty price tag, so it’s important not to run before you can walk. Waltzing your business into London unprepared would be more than a sobering experience, so make sure you have all the resources lined up to support your company in any event that may occur.

If you’re an SME or low on financial firepower, your best bet is to investigate serviced offices when considering London as a base. Companies such as Be Offices provide a great range of office spaces for you to both browse and rent out, granting you a temporary work area with enough time to find your feet. Additionally, they have the most affordable prices you’ll find in the area, letting your company breathe awhile in such a chaotic yet productive city.

Step 2: Industry Areas

It also won’t shock you to know that London is a big place. It isn’t just an assembly of world famous landmarks and other spectacles for the tourist industry; there’s many winding streets both between those and beyond. There’s no point being based in a city if you’re not interacting with your industry, so keep this objective in mind.

Open your London office in a business district; Camden & Islingt on, Westminster, etc. For example, financial businesses are typically found in the Canary Wharf area. Where you’re situated will speak volumes about the type of business you are and the role your business occupies in the industry. In the end, your company needs to both ‘fit in’ and stand out, and nestling your office in the correct industry area can help you pull off this paradox.

Step 3: Accessibility

London roads are often bottle necked with traffic, particularly at rush hour in a spectacular fashion. Additionally, most don’t walk the pavements without hearing at least a few dozen angry horns blaring throughout their stride. It’s noisy whether in a taxi or on the tube, and it’s something to keep in mind when you have visitors or associates who will potentially stop by your office.

You want visitors to arrive in good time and high spirits, and both are rarely achieved after navigating London for more than half an hour. Consequently, you should consider opening your London office near a train or bus station, or anywhere else you deem otherwise accessible. Being easy to reach is only ever a benefit and will carry off that image of ‘fitting in’ naturally in corporate London.

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