Laminated Tubes – How They Are Made? What Are The Uses?

Laminated Tubes – How They Are Made? What Are The Uses?

Laminated tubes are made with laminate feed stock which is just a poly-foil-poly structure which comes with polyethylene on any one side of thin foil gauge. Some of the laminate structures also have paper.

Polyfoil is a subset of laminate. The most common way of designing the laminated feedstock item is through either rotogravure or letterpress printing. Rotogravure printing is used widely to provide quality print which is buried in the laminate structure.

On the other side, letterpress printing decorates the laminate feedstock surface before tubing which is best for improved flexibility.

Usage of Laminated Tubes

Laminated tubes are used across the world for packaging in cosmetics, food, pharma, personal care, and industrial applications as they provide a unique presence in the market. Around 70% of total laminated tubes are produced for oral care industry and cosmetic industry.

Printed laminated tubes manufacturers produce laminated tubes with great barrier properties. They are also the affordable solution to improve the shelf-life of the products. These tubes have smooth, flexible, and soft exteriors to deliver great sealability. The laminate combines different benefits of tube properties with look and feel of plastic.

Laminated tubes are known to maintain the great appeal of products throughout the life of content. These tubes are durable, leak-proof, unbreakable and lightweight. These tubes have tendency of suck back and they can easily avoid unwanted withdrawn amount.

They can also get their original shape back after squeezing. These tubes are used also for packaging of ointments and creams as well as other semi-solid dosage. They are known to be the excellent barrier against air, light, moisture, and it ensures efficiency in its shelf-life.

Laminated tubes are known to be the excellent customized product that comes in any diameter ranging from ½” to 2” and made according to your needs. It comes with different neck options and caps to meet your needs.

Laminated Tube Making Process

These tubes have high gloss outer layer, resistant barrier to achieve higher compatibility and fragrance protection with lower absorption. Laminated tubes are made by putting the laminated material on the needles of the machine.

Then the material is taken into a flat state and fed with the rolls which turn the tube very gently and turn it into a cylinder of specific size according to the needs of the consumer.

Generated by high frequency, heat fuses the sides of material to form a strong cylindrical tube. After forming the tube, it gets into the cutting station which slices the same into several lengths.

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