Add Effortless Elegance To Your Appearance Through Diamond Stud Earrings

Add Effortless Elegance To Your Appearance Through Diamond Stud Earrings

Is there any woman who doesn’t want to wear diamond stud earrings? I don’t think so. The timeless diamonds and the stud setting make it the perfect combination to wear it in any occasion. Whether in a wedding party or a small get together we women just want an excuse to wear our studs. As diamonds are expensive, people often take it as an investment. But for women, a pair of stud earrings is just the right thing to embrace their beauty. But if you haven’t bought diamond stud earrings yet then maybe you need to know how diamond studs can give you an effortless elegance that everyone will admire. First of all stud earrings for women are customizable. You can order it in any design. But the basic form is a diamond placed into a metal stud setting.

Know the 4Cs of your stud earrings:

  •         The 4Cs are the four major criteria to know about a diamond which consists of the carat, cut, color and clarity.
  •         Carat is the weight of the diamond. Now choosing the perfect carat for your stud earring is crucial because it needs to match your face.
  •         The cut of the diamond is the shape, which means how well the diamond has been shaped? A diamond can be cut in different ways. But that doesn’t reflect its quality. The official GIA grades will determine the quality of cuts. The grades are – excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. So, ladies choose the best cut for yourself as such diamonds will sparkle more.
  •         The color of the diamond doesn’t mean colored diamonds. Colored diamonds have natural colors like yellow, pink, black, red, etc. But the color of a diamond is the way through which the whiteness of a white diamond is graded. From D to Z the colors are graded, where D is the most colorless and Z has the most ‘yellowish’ grade of white diamond.
  •         The grades used in diamonds to measure clarity or the number of inclusions and blemishes are
  1.      FL or flawless,
  2.      IF or Internally Flawless,
  3.       VVs1 or VVs2 meaning Very Very slightly included,
  4.      VS1 or VS2  (very slightly included),
  5.      SI1 or SI2 (slightly included),
  6.        I1, I2, I3 (Included).

Setting your diamond and choosing the metal:

If you have already picked your diamond, now comes setting and the metal. It depends entirely on you, that which metal you want to choose for the setting. There are two types of setting – prong and bezel. The bezel setting circles the diamond almost completely and the prong setting exposes more part of the diamond. And for the metal platinum and various types of gold create the ideal combination.

Bottom Line:

The classic combination of stud setting and diamond makes the pair of earrings a great gift. And with such versatility and styling option of the stud earrings for women, there’s no doubt that you will get the chance to have your desired set of jewelry.

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