What Is The Difference Between Picture and Regular Windows?

What Is The Difference Between Picture and Regular Windows

Today we are going to talk about the basic and principal differences between the picture windows – which you have probably got acquainted with – and the classical type of windows – we call them regular. Of course the first question you may ask is – why not to compare with stained glass or some other window type? fair enough, dear reader, fair enough. The reason why we took this common window type to compare is very simple. Most of the population uses the common window type made out of vinyl or wood. And popularity matters, as we all know. So here we go.

As usually – let us start from style.

  1. As for the classical window type – there is nothing special to say. In the style description people mention only color, probably. For the reason that… There is nothing more to mention. Not to say the same about the picture ones. The picture window can be notices from very far away and of course it is famous by not only the enormous size of its glass part – no no. The installation of a picture window will change the style of your house forever. Forever and a day.
  2. Practical issues. Here we probably will mention the picture windows first. Simply because they are less practical – if not to say NOT practical at all. No, of course they let the large portion of sunlight in – it is important. However, the rest is less fantastic. These types of windows are FIXED – which means you will never be able to open then – even if you want this really hard. How do you imagine to open the window of the wall-size? Exactly. So the regular type of windows saves the day here. The open, they close – they do their basic function. The sunlight, you may ask? Who cares about it – if it lets the essential air inside.
  3. Back to the sizes… And it is not a coincidence. We again and again highlight the fact that picture windows are usually several times as big as regular ones. This should be mentioned while composing your house renovation plan. Sometimes people even feel depressed when they come to the sales point and see that these windows are much bigger in reality than it was shown in catalog. Size matters?
  4. But what REALLY matters for some esthetics fans – is a view! Yes, the picture you see outside when you open the curtains. A lot of people are ready to rebuild half of the house in order to get the view they dreamed about. No any regular window will give you the view that the picture window gives. No matter what they say about the sizes and inability to open and let some air inside – it is true – the views through this type of windows is FANTASTIC!

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