10 Hotel Booking Questions You Must Not Forget to Ask

There are many hotels all over the world — different reputations, different rates and different offers. Even if that’s the case, they are following strategies which are alike with each other; that’s because they check on each other as competitors.

You must take advantage of that by being informed and wise when booking a room in a hotel. Hotels don’t tell everything to their clients/guests; probably, it’s part of their strategy so that guests will avail more expensive and first-rate services. If you’re not into their strategy, however, you must be curious about many things. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to the hotel personnel you’re speaking with. Here are 10 of the questions you must ask:

#1 = Are taxes and fees covered within the price?

This is definitely the most important question to ask the hotel because a lot of people get lured to a very favorable price, finding out later that there are hidden charges they didn’t expect. Usually, guests get surprised because of this, and they have no choice since they already received the services. Those posted online might not show the extra fees that you must pay for.

To avoid getting shocked, spending money suddenly, being left with a few coins and for some getting “scammed” (although it’s not literally a scam), inquire whether the price presented to you is inclusive of all fees and taxes. Don’t be easily magnetized by a low price. Scrutinize first. Hidden fees are among the common problems when you book for accommodations, so be clever and be eager to find out because you might not know that your happiness today will be charged on your bill tomorrow.

#2 = Is it an ideal hotel for a family with kids and elderly?

Weekend getaways and vacation travels are best ways to spend time with the family. Of course, for your lodging, you want and need something that will help you have a stress-free and convenient stay. You don’t want to be somewhere you’ll have to attend to every need your family has — just as how it is at home. It’s the perfect time to relax, and the hotel must let you do that.

There must be friendly services and assistance offered for old family members. It’d be great if there are facilities made for them. For kids, amenities must be something that will let them put them their gadgets away. There must be supervising staff for kids who play and swim. Your family deserves an amazing bonding time and rejuvenating time together.

#3 = What are your food offers?

Hotel food is truly exceptional, but they’re also pricey (plus the matchless presentation)! For you to spend wisely and to save up for your other travel expenses, ask first about the food they offer in the hotel. Surely, they’re costly, so ask also if you can get some discounts or if the food is included in the price you paid.

It’s also alright to wonder whether or not you have any perks out of somewhere. They might offer you promos under certain conditions or some free meals if you participate in any activity launched in the hotel.

#4 = Where is the location?

Know where the location of the hotel is. It’s advantageous if it’s near resources and establishments like shopping malls, hospitals, drugstores, parks and other places you can visit or buy necessities from.

Furthermore, ask where the room you’re booking for or they’re offering you is located in the hotel. The floor when the room is plays a big part because there are pros and cons either it’s on the ground floor or on a higher floor.

#5 = Is WiFi available?

Surely, the hotel has WiFi services. The question must be put for the hotel room. Is WiFi available and accessible in the room? While you’re inside the hotel you might want to order for online delivery or you might just want to scroll because you’re bored. At the end of your day, you’d also want to post online updates of your travel, so a WiFi is the friend you need.

Aside from that, if you have Internet access, you’ll be better informed of what’s going on outside if you read posts and news online. Lastly, you can search online for the best places to visit around the hotel. In that way, it’d be easier for you not to get lost while traveling.

#6 = Do you have parking services?

Private car owners and driver know the struggle of looking for a parking space in a city where cars are countless. Ask the hotel if they have available parking lots for guests. If they do, ask the rates.

You’re fortunate if you can park for free, if you can get price cuts or if it’s included in your booking payment. Don’t park without knowing the parking rates and conditions because you might get sadly surprised when a huge bill waves at you on your check out.

#7 = Do you render transportation services?

There are hotels which offer pick-up or drop-off service for guests if they’re going to and from specific assigned spots such as a near mall or park. Beneficial it is if you’re going with elderly people, persons with disability or naughty kids. It can also help you save money while you’re conveniently brought to your destination.

#8 = Will there be events happening?

Hotels aren’t only places of relaxation and rest but also of leisure and entertainment. If you’re into having fun and creativity, you may ask if there are big events taking place in the hotel within the duration of your stay.

#9 = May I check in early and/or check out late?

Sometimes, your schedules just don’t happen the way you planned them.

If there’s a need for you to stay a bit longer inside your hotel room or if there are other things you have to fix, you can ask the if they can allow you to extend your stay for a while as you finish some responsibilities. If you arrive early at the hotel, it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can already go ahead of your check-in time.

These questions are most likely needed if you have extra time or if you need some.

#10 = Can you recommend me a preferable rate?

Lastly, after asking about the inclusions and benefits of the booking you’re about to do or the package you’re about to purchase, if you’re still hoping for a lower price, then ask. Be honest because you’ll be the one to spend and stay.

If you seem uncomfortable with the price because it’s too high, then you can ask for an affordable rate for favorable services with a good room. Don’t be reluctant to ask about cheaper prices because they might just reveal to you their special packages and even discounts. It might be a great chance for you to take advantage of your right to ask questions.

A lot of things that you don’t ask can actually make a difference when they’re asked. Make sure that you ask questions that are relevant to saving up on your budget or maximizing your booking perks. Book a hotel room, BUT FIRST, ask the questions mentioned above!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales offering a worthwhile stay and a close experience of the historical richness of Australia. Nicole writes about travel, accommodation and everything else related to it. For her, the beauty of this world is astounding and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the best ways to appreciate it. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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