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Asset Management Professional

In a press meeting David Barcomb, MD and Sr. Advisor of Merrill Lynch, MA stated and his entire group is delighted of being successful to make people understand and enjoy the additional benefits of their custom-made wealth management solutions. According to this knowledgeable asset management executive that, doing the same things with different approaches, when results; that offers a distinct satisfaction. After all, whether it’s providing consultancy about asset management, estate planning or recommending clients like senior citizens in investing risk free bonds that ensure regular income generation; all these services are extremely delicate and carry lot of risk factors. Seeing their client happy is the main motto of Merrill group.

As of day, the top leading asset management group is having more than 900,000 satisfied clients while the number is continuously increasing. Aside from corporate commercial houses, non-profit societies and financial institutes, in its client list one can find thousands of retired senior citizens, wealthy families, and small business entrepreneurs, chartered and law practitioners. According to its old as well as newly joined clients, that the group’s professionalism, customer dealing approach and solutions are ‘something’ that never-before found in the competitive market condition.

20 years of long experience has made David Barcomb highly seasoned to successfully read the market trend, changing economy as well as clients’ expectations, the factors that help him great to find out latest schemes and tailor-made investment solutions or estate planning subjects more realistically. So, those who like to hire advisory services for estate planning, safe investments or asset management solutions can get in touch with Merrill Lynch to ensure safest, realistic and individualized services.

David Barcomb, widely acknowledged in US wealth management industry as a new generation portfolio manager, asset management specialist, estate management planner and investment advisor completed his graduation with major in economics and political science from Trinity University. He started his occupation life with Smith Barney as a Sr. Executive and subsequently became the Senior VP. David also worked for USB Global, specializing in the same industry, as its EVP for about 10 years, from 1993 to 2002. After leaving USB he became associated with Merrill Lynch & Company Inc as its Senior Asset Manager. In Merrill, David’s key functional areas include individual and corporate wealth management, corporate group mass investment plans, retail investment advisory as well as estate planning for individuals, societies and corporate bodies.

David Barcomb operates in conjunction with a group of dynamic professionals hired from financial/ asset management industries. This core cell of Merrill is the key section that plan, study and find solutions for its customers in asset management, investment and so on. The entire group operates as per guidelines and instructions of David. His one more great identification is his active involvement with the acknowledged south shore hospital charitable foundation as its board member. Despite being a very demanding business executive, David gets pleasure from involving him in social activities. He joined this society in 2007 and for the 3rd consecutive term he has been elected as its trustee board member. As a resident of South Shore, David considers him duty-bound for overall development of his community people.

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