Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring Office Space


It is a great challenge to find the right space for your office. This is because it has tremendous impact on the success of your business. Take a decision and you will have to live with its repercussions for some time.

Here are some questions to address, before choosing office space for your business

  • Does it have a safe neighborhood?

Your customers and employees will like using your premises if it is located in a safe neighborhood. Especially, employees spend a great deal of time in the office, so the security of the neighborhood will be a concern for them.

  • Is it well connected to transport?

This means the office space must be easy to reach.  It implies not only connectivity to rail lines or subway services but also navigability for automobile, bicycle, and bus routes. You must sit down with employees and discuss options such that they have a relatively easy daily commute.

  • Does it have nearby amenities?

Customers and employees will love your location if there are useful amenities nearby like restaurants, pharmacy, shopping areas, banks etc.

  • Is the neighborhood trendy?

If the area you choose has a reputation for hosting start-ups and new businesses and a thriving social scenario, it will have a positive image for employees and customers.

  • Do you want to share office space?

If there is office space to share with another company, go for it especially if it is a complementary business. For instance, an architecture company can share business area with an interior decoration company.

  • Does the office have a secure building?

This implies that the building must have adequate security. Have there been break-ins in nearby buildings? Does it have secure doors, skylights, and windows?

  • Does it have a good reception area?

A reception area manned by a pleasant and polite receptionist is good for the business. There must be space for clients visiting to rest for some time, while waiting. One can share this area with another business.

  • Is the building well maintained?

Does the company responsible for maintaining the building do a good job? You can esquire from existing tenants and other businesses.

  • Is there adequate area for parking?

It is crucial for clients and employees that there must be adequate space for them to park vehicles like bikes or cars. You might consider renting parking space for regular visitors and clients.

  • Does the building have competitors?

It is better you don’t operate near rival businesses as there are chances of them stealing your customers and interfere with your business

  • Is there enough room?

Ask your office designers to test fit your business in the office space such that there is enough room. Also, you must know whether you have the freedom to decorate the office space as per your need and liking.

  • Is there room for company to grow?

If you expect the company to grow, you must negotiate a shorter lease.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

You must calculate all costs- moving expenses, cost of utilities and other not so obvious expenses. You can consult a professional broker for reading the fine print of any agreement with the land lord.

These are some considerations for finding office space for rent in Pune.

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