5 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Online

5 Things You Shouldn't Buy Online

Online shopping is a good alternative if you do not have time to buy clothes or other items in an actual store. Moreover, there are many stuff on the internet that you can purchase at a discounted price which makes the experience more convenient and budget friendly.

Dangers of Buying online

One of the challenges of online shopping is the higher risk of getting scammed. In some cases, buyers receive damaged items, low-quality products or they do not get anything at all. Hence, you must be very cautious before you transact with an online store or an individual seller on the internet.

Things You Shouldn’t Buy online

1. Medicines

Supplements and Prescription drugs found online can be fake or contain harmful chemicals that can damage the body. It’s hard to discern where the drugs came from and why it cost less. You may save a few bucks when you buy pharmaceutical products on the internet, but doing so can impose a great danger to your health.

2. Makeup

Many women buy makeup on eBay and Amazon. While there are original cosmetics that are available on both website, there are also knockoffs such as the branded lip kits that are being sold as authentic to unsuspecting shoppers.

3. Perfume and Personal Care Products

Testers and perfumes that are claimed to be made in a foreign country to justify its low price are counterfeits passed as genuine products. The replicas may smell like the original but the scent fades faster, and it may contain harmful ingredients that can cause serious skin allergies.

4. Electronics

Some website offers electronics at a discounted price, but once you check out, you’ll see additional fees plus the shipping that significantly increases that price of the item that you want to buy.

5. Clothes

Gowns and men’s dress shirt bought on the internet are often ill-fitting or look different from the image posted on its website. Before buying, make sure to read reviews from previous customers to avoid deceitful online shops that make a profit by selling low-quality items at a higher price.

The discounts and hassle free shopping may be tempting, but if you want to get your money’s worth, I highly recommend that you read user reviews and take extra measures to verify the legitimacy of the online shop before buying anything over the internet. Shopping wisely prevents you from making yourself poor and scammers rich.

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