Everything You Need to Know about Personal Injury

The infliction of some kind of injury to an individual by another individual, by virtue of negligence is categorized as a case of personal injury. When classified broadly, personal injury can be said to be of two types – physical injury and psychological injury. Almost all people are subject to some kind of personal injury, but unfortunately not all are aware of the fact that the victims of any kind of personal injury are eligible to claim compensation for the same from the person who inflicted the injury.

There are various grounds on which a particular accident can be classified as a personal injury, but since the common man is unable to understand it, the help of an expert is required. Jeffrey Glassman Attorney, the owner of a reputed law office, has years of experience that account for his expertise. He and his group of lawyers have been satisfying numerous victims of personal injury by making the most just compensation available to them from the inflictor.

A physical injury occurs when an individual meets with some kind of traffic accident, or endures injury while at work, or by using faulty products and goods, suffered a dog bite, or even slipped and fell. It might come as a surprise that even such minor mundane situations could be the basis of filing a lawsuit. But the main criterion to give a strong foundation to your claim is to be able to prove the negligence and have witnesses to substantiate your claim.

A psychological injury refers to the damage caused mentally, such as causing of distress because of discrimination or bad behavior in the workplace. The reason why personal injury is eligible for legal proceedings is because it is liable to cause permanent damage or even death to the individual. The laws of personal injury are however, subject to changes with respect to the local laws of that particular place. In the U.K. a person must claim compensation before he/she reaches the age of 21 and the claim has to be made within three years of sustaining the injury.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Glassman Attorney is equipped with some of the best attorneys who fight for innumerable cases of personal injury with the same zeal and effort. They have been serving the common people satisfying their grievances since 1995. They also cater to victims of workers compensation, car accidents, construction accidents, etc. They further help those in need of justice for bad drug injuries, social security disability claims, mesothelioma cases, asbestos and medical device recalls, all over the nation.

In any kind of accident that can be claimed to be personal injury, evidence is a must have. If you are able to provide proper and convincing evidence pertaining to your injury, you are sure to get the complete compensation. If you have been injured at your work place, they it becomes the responsibility of your employer to provide you with not just the compensation but also immediate first aid and medical facilities.

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