Important Factors To Keep In Mind While Hiring An Office Space

Important Factors To Keep In Mind While Hiring An Office Space

If you have your own business, then having a perfect location for your office is a very crucial thing. If you can choose the right location, it can make all the difference.

Now, why having a right office space is this much mandatory? Well, it can actually affect your day to day work and operations. This motivates the staff morale and adds to the brand value. There are actually many factors that may decide how an office space can have a positive or negative impact on a running business. So when one is looking for office space in Kolkata, they have to consider a few major factors before finalising down a space.


The primary thing among all of them is the location. It plays a very important role when it comes to business. The two major things that one should consider while choosing the location. First is, can the clients reach this place without any hassle? The second one is, will the employees get easy transportation to travel to office and go back home every day? If you get a positive reply for both the questions for a location then you can be sure that you have found a good location for your office space.


Not only location, but price also matters. The moment one thinks of a prime location for office set up, comes the price cost as well.  If you spend very little, you might not get the perfect office space for you. Again a too expensive office space may be out of budget. So, one has to negotiate between the two.  Negotiation does not mean one has to compromise with the location of the office space. One just has to select a space a bit thoughtfully so that the travel convenience stays and the budget also fits the bill. But before finalising one place, always remember to ask how many months’ deposit one has to pay and if there are any hidden costs or not. Also one also needs to compare prices of different office spaces in the same locality. This will make you understand better whether you are getting a space worth the money or not.


This completely depends on how big your business is and how many employees you have. You need to buy a space which is sufficient and where one can work comfortably. It is mainly recommended that one should go for a space where for each person there should be at least 70 square feet of space. Then apart from that, you need a conference room where all the meetings can happen and also a waiting space where your clients can wait before meeting. Also there should be a proper eating space and washrooms for your employees.


This is very important, you need to check whether the space that you are hiring is properly functional or not.  They should have proper electricity connections and other things that are necessary.

If these all fall into place, then an office space is worth it.

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