Many More Reasons To Eat A Lot Of Chocolates

Well, they say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but when it comes to heart breaks or a little celebration, nothing works better than some chocolates! However, it is important for everyone to keep a check on their chocolate intake because no woman wants to outgrow her 24 waist pair of jeans! So, what to do, chocolate or no chocolate?

We say, go chocolate! And no it will not result in health complications nor will it become the factor which will trigger weight gain. So, the next time when you think of sending chocolate by post to a friend for her birthday, even if she is on a diet, you can actually without blinking twice, send her chocolates!

Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that women get when they consume chocolate:

  1. Bye Bye to weight gain: If you thought that all that dark chocolate is the cause of your weight, well then it is time to think again. Dark chocolates (read: NOT milk chocolates) are actually quite heavy and hence they result in decreasing your craving for other kinds of food, especially ones with sweet or salty taste. So, in this way, one little block of dark chocolate can actually help in controlling your cravings and might even result in weight loss!
  2. Good for your heart: Various studies around the world have come to the conclusion that women who are seen to consume more dark chocolate than others are more likely to not suffer from heart related diseases early in their life. So, chocolates are not only tasty, they are all also a great way to keep heart diseases at bay, especially for a woman. So, chocolate is not just the cure for a broken heart, it is also the key to healthier one!
  3. Cutting the stress out: Our hectic schedules, especially in the case of women, who generally have to tackle both their personal as well as professional fronts, can result in the building up of a lot of stress. Chocolate is actually a great way to cut back all the tension and relax for a couple of minutes. So, if you are wondering what to send a health conscious working mother a gift, then, you can always send her nice chocolate thank you gifts!
  4. Acting as a sunscreen: Sun tanning is caused due to a long exposure under the sun. While some take a small amount of time to develop it, others take a much longer period. Dark chocolates contain flavones which actually help in controlling the setting in of the sunburnt effect. Studies have shown that women who eat chocolate regularly take at least double the time to get sunburnt than the ones who don’t.
  5. A break from coughing: We often break out into continuous bouts of coughing. Dark chocolate which contains theobromine actually works rather well as an agent which helps in putting a stop to the cough. The theobromine helps certain nerves to relax and hence that helps in putting a stop to the cough.

So, do you really need any more reasons to eat more and more chocolates? Happy chocolate munching!

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