Meet The Magic Of Morocco

If you are up for visiting an exotic destination, a place where the sun melts every night in the most mesmerizing shades of orange you have ever seen, where snakes dance to the music of their charmers, while wild winds blow across the desert, you should be well on your way to booking a visit to Morocco.

This North African beauty, nestled under the magnificent Atlas Mountains, will have you falling in love with it about five minutes after you land. This is where two world meet, this is where cultures collide, where you can meet so many cultures and so many nations.

An inspiration to writers and a refuge for artists, Morocco is your next dream holiday destination. If you have not yet touched the African continent, and if you are drawn by the allure of the desert, don’t hesitate any longer, and be on the first flight you can manage.

Mingling in Marrakesh

The Medina in Marrakesh will engulf you in its scents and sounds even before you arrive. This is truly a melting pot, an array of a thousand tastes. You will be entering the old city though the Jemma el-fna Square, making your way to the heart of the city.

This is where you will want to spend all of your money. It’s a bit like Arabian nights – there are snakes and there are spices, there are musicians and there are shops, countless shops where you can find anything your heart desires. You shouldn’t miss any of the souks either – buy hand-made shoes, quality leathers, incredible jewelry, and of course, stock up on exotic spices.

While you are in town, you should also stop by the Medersa of Ben Youssef. It is the largest school of theology in Morocco. The architecture is captivating, the tiles are magnificent, and make sure to bring a mirror, like the tourists in Italy do, to be able to enjoy the artwork on the ceilings, without craning your neck.

Another place you need to visit are the Manara Gardens, where you will find some much needed quiet in this bustling city. It is hidden away in the very heart of town, with a large pool in its center, and a 19th century pavilion.

Beautiful Fes

If you want to get away from the crowds in Marrakesh, Fes is your destination. It is just as amazing, yet still not as overrun by tourists. The old city is the perfect labyrinth to get lost in – there are hundreds of colorful doorways everywhere you look, the roofs are also very Instagram-worthy, and you should definitely have enough room on your phone for the pictures.

Another attraction Fes provides are the tanneries it is famous for. However, bear in mind that the smell can be quite overwhelming, so don’t pay them a visit if you are sensitive to smells.

There are also many Medersas you should visit. There Islamic schools of learning all have their own stories to tell. For example, the Medersa Bou Inania is one of the rare building non-Muslims can enter.

A magic carpet ride

No, not literally. However, if you have ever seen Aladdin, and wanted to cruise on the dunes, this is your chance. The Sahara and its vast, breathtaking beauty should definitely make it to the top of your must-experience list. You will be going to Erg Chebbi, from where you can head out on your Arabian adventure. You will have a choice of vehicle – a four wheeler for a more speedy ride, or a camel, for a more traditional one. You can also have a picnic in the desert, if you so prefer. If you have seen Sex and the City 2, you are likely already picturing it.

Tranquility in Essaouria

Finally, if you would like to experience a seaside Morocco, you are to go to Essaouria. It is a small seaside village, known as a home to hippies back in the ‘70s. Today, it is still as charming as ever, with its quaint fishing boats and the smell of the sea. Make sure to enjoy a fresh meal while there, and, naturally, to immerse yourself in the sunsets.

Morocco is a place where dreams come true, if your dreams are made of the exotic and the colorful. Treat yourself to a holiday this year, and enjoy the smells, the sounds and the history that is this African wonder.

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