What Benefits Can An ERP Consultant Offer Your Business

What Benefits Can An ERP Consultant Offer Your Business

The big question that many companies find themselves giving a lot of careful consideration to is should they go down the ERP route or not. Hiring an ERP Consultant might seem like an expensive investment, especially at a time when many businesses are looking to tighten their belts due to the financial uncertainty of Brexit, however it is fair to say that this may not be an area where you should be looking to save money.

It is true that in the short term you might save some money, but in business it is always better to consider the long-term implications of any decisions that you make and in the long-term not using the services of an experienced ERP consultant might end up costing you far more money. If you want to make the most of your budget, then here are just a few of the benefits that you could be looking at by hiring an ERP consultant, Manchester, London or anywhere else in the UK.


There is a good chance that very few, if any, of the members of your company involved in the implementation of your ERP will actually have much real experience; after all this isn’t something that happens all the time. Consultants on the other hand are well versed in all the best practises that are necessary for making sure that your implementation runs smoothly, meets your objectives and of course is on budget.

It is all in the planning

Whilst it is understandable that a number of employees in your company might have project management skills, and these skills may be very effective on day to day projects, an ERP implementation is so much more than just a project. A consultant will understand that the software may need to have steps performed in a particular order. Steps cannot just be missed out, or swapped around with other ones. Unfortunately it does not work like that. Of course, when you are rolling out a new system there will almost certainly be members of your team who cant to use it, and this can lead to attempts to reduce the length of time needed to test data. An ERP consultant will be able to make sure that these issues are prevented and make sure that your implementation stays on track.

Managing the project

A consultant will be available to work solely on your ERP implementation. The other members of the team may have day to day workloads that they need to keep on top of, whilst being involved in the implementation. The consultant can take on the role of project management leaving your team free to do what they need to do elsewhere and to lend their own knowledge and unique skills to the project when necessary.

Change can be difficult

A new ERP system means changes, possible changes to the way in which your company does things and most importantly changes to your business process that could ultimately lead to your company and your employees being more efficient. Changes can be difficult to adapt to but a good consultant will be able to use their knowledge will be able to perform a gap analysis on the processes your company currently uses and help to translate these to the new system. If difficulties arise the consultant will be able to help resolve these and act as a mediator if required.

These are just a few of the benefits available to you for looking outside of your own business when it comes to implementation. Your ERP consultant will be able to talk you through any other benefits that might be appropriate for your company.

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