9 Worst E-Mail Mistakes To Avoid At Work

9 Worst E-Mail Mistakes To Avoid At Work

E-mail marketing can play a key role in any business success, It is a worldwide most popular social network and effective communication tool, Simple e-mail mistakes can be costly at work, communication mistakes can have more serious consequences. At the time of SMS language blunders in professional emails are legion. We often find ourselves facing an irrelevant e-mail without attachments or with missing recipients.

Here are 9 mistakes to avoid when sending emails

Neglecting the Message Subject

The message subject is fundamental. Crumbling under the emails we have less and less time to devote to each one. A moot email almost automatically goes to the trash. Furthermore, it is an effective object must consist of few (two or three) informative keywords. Avoid extending sentences, your recipient will not read to the end.

Missing Address

The address (not the e-mail address, but the way you talk to someone) is also critical. A “Hello Sir / Madam” is both informal dry. If you do not know your destination, opt for a “Dear Sir / Madam name +”. If you know her/him better, a “Dear / Dear + first name” will do.

SMS Language

The misspellings in emails, go very wrong. We are never safe from a small “Typing mistake”, but it stops there. Banish is definitely texting. Carefully review your emails before sending and leave no fault. If you are unsure of a word, look it up in the dictionary.

Don’t master the Field “Bcc”

It is very common to send group emails (for reports, announcements / followed by meetings, etc.). But it will be very badly perceived to reveal all addresses to everyone. This is what will happen if you confuse the field “Cc” and “BCC” field. Only the latter will allow you to send emails to multiple people without displaying their address.

Wrong Recipient

The wrong recipient can happen more often than we think. You type the first letter in “name”, you validate it and… Here is your email sent to the wrong recipient. Depending on the content more or less confidential of your message, This kind of incident can have relatively embarrassing consequences. Anyway, it is important you know it quickly and send an apology to your wrong recipient.

Excessive Punctuation

Many people do not know very well about commas using in emails. Others can bring himself to put a period at the end of a sentence and thus lay kilometer phrases that look more like that of the lines of paragraphs. Moreover, we must remain cautious with exclamation marks. While some may interpret as a sign of enthusiasm, others will see them as signs of aggression.

A Signature Sloppy

It is not about to miss his own name, But it’s “signature”. We must think of the set on his computer. Gage professionalism, it is a kind of business card. You can add your function to it, your company’s name, your department, your business address, your office telephone number as well as your professional GSM (if you have one).

Mails Effective

An effective e-mail should be short and airy. It is possible to configure the line length to your computer (generally between 50 and 60 characters). Also, remember to divide your email into paragraphs to make it more readable.

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