How To Choose A Kurti Appropriate For Your Body Type and Complexion?

A kurti is probably the most versatile Indian dress of all times. It adds spark to the personality of the wearer. If you have a penchant for kurtis, there is no reason why you should have only a few of them in your wardrobe. Just head to the market and shop your heart out. The entire market is flooded with a variety of kurti designs. So, you can pick as many as you want without worrying about their availability.

But before you fill your shopping basket with all the varieties available in the market, take a pause and ask yourself, do you look good in all the types and designs. If the answer is a resounding ‘no,’ you must go home and do some research before hitting the market for yet another time.

The first thing, that will help you find out what kinds of kurti designs are perfect for you, is your height. If you are tall with a slim body then you befit any kurti-short or long. However, if you are tall and excessively lean, then opting for a short kurti would be the best bet.

Now, coming to people who are not tall- being short is never a constraint and shouldn’t be considered one. In fact, some of the most elegant actresses in the world are short heighted. All you need is to find out what suits your best. Now, if you are short and skinny, you should go for a short kurti, preferably one that’s fit-and-flare. The reason why fit-and-flares look so amazing on petite people is that they create curves in the right places.

Women who are bulky and short should go for short kurtis, preferably with a trail or tail. A flowing tailed short kurti will offer length to an overweight woman’s short stature. You can also try wearing vertical stripes, which will make you look thin.

In case, you are tall and fat, you will have to choose your dresses with a lot of thought. Never slip into a short kurti. It will make you look fatter and taller. Instead you can don a floor sweeping gown style kurti with a simple design. This will make sure you neither look overweight nor excessively tall. In fact, such a kurti will enhance the beauty of your heighted body.

Besides all this, it is also your complexion that should be factored in while choosing a kurti. Most fair complexioned women do fine with all types of colours. They are the ones who look gorgeous in dark as well as light coloured dresses. However, if you are dusky, you will carry off light colours better.

But in case, you are neither too dark nor too fair and fall somewhere in between, you will carry off many colours dark or fair complexioned women won’t do justice to. Neutral shades are perfect for you. Even blacks and whites will add spark to your looks.

If you keep these few things in mind while choosing your kurti, you will definitely be able to pick the right kurti for your body type, complexion and personality.

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