The Difference Between Bride and Bridegroom Wedding Rings

Often it is seen that men and women wedding rings are identical. The rings purchased from jeweller shop are unisex, in simple terms both men and women wedding rings are one and the same.

The diamond rings meant for the couple seems similar in make, just varying in size. However, in today’s era of trendy jewellery accessories there is slight difference in both bride and bridegroom nuptial rings.

Why the difference in rings?

  • The prime reason is because the taste of men and women differ. Men may like simple wedding band where as women would like to have stylish wedding ring matching her engagement ring.
  • The size of finger and palm is different for both female and male gender. In men’s finger simple band of precious metal having single gem stone or diamond will look perfect as the finger size is broader. However, it will look plain on women’s finger as they are small and sleek in appearance.
  • The daily activities of both men and women contribute in deciding the difference in the wedding rings. Men like to wear a band of valued metal as it won’t be spoiled or interfere in the strenuous work they do. If the lady does simple work where there isn’t any chance of damaging her wedding ring, then she will prefer to have gems studded in delicately carved ring.

In early days, both the wedding rings remain same in design, only the size differs. As the modern times arrived the design of diamond rings for women brought in a lot of changes in the style as well as in design.

Few lines on the difference in making of bride and bridegroom wedding rings:

Men’s ring has broad band having larger stones in less decorative settings. Women wedding rings will be designed with small gem stones including precious diamonds. The ring won’t be broader and will be gracefully designed. Thus, their diamond ring price will be higher compared to men’s ring.

Men like to indulge in wearing wedding rings designed with different metals. It can be gold, platinum, silver or an alloy composed with all the precious metal. As they don’t like to wear shiny jewelry items daily, it may look awkward in their working field. The gem stones assembled in few prongs in the metal is quite less. It may be a single diamond or arrangement of few multiple gem stones in graphical pattern.

Women choose their jewellery accessory with a sentimental touch. For them wedding rings reflects their love for their husband. Thus, they like strong and well-designed rings. Moreover, women are more towards fashion compared to men. They like to wear their daily jewellery accessories that suits any kind of dresses. The ring will be circled with diamonds and all kind of precious stones neatly arranged in between nice cravings on the metal band.

In short, it can be said that men taste in diamonds ring for men only is simple and women favours versatile design in rings. It can be diamond rings or plain band rings made of valuable metal exclusively designed to mark your wedding ring an everlasting part of your loving bond.

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