Enjoy The Highlights Of North India With The Golden Triangle Tour

Enjoy The Highlights Of North India With The Golden Triangle Tour

The northern part of India and the southern part of the country are almost in strike contrast with each other. From languages spoken to the way of life, almost everything is different in two parts of the same country. While South India is fuller of temples and back waters, North India is all about the Himalayas and forts.

Well, there are a lot of places to visit in North India and hence you will never run out options when touring through this part of the country. There are so many places to visit here that it is difficult to pin point the places and to cover the places of interest at one go. If you want to get an overall idea about what North India is all about then you can opt for the Golden Triangle tour.

What is the Golden Triangle Tour?

This is a tour that covers a visit to the three most prominent places of India- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Each of these cities has their own attractions and reasons for appeal and a visit to these three places will give you a fair enough idea about the culture of North India. Generally, the golden triangle tour is of minimum 6 days and 5 nights, and it can be extended depending on how you plan. You can either opt for a packaged tour to cover these three important places or you can also plan a trip on your own to these three places. A lot of people often add another place of significance in this tour- Varanasi. This ancient city is also easily accessible from Delhi and hence it is often included as a place of interest in the Golden Triangle tour.

How does the Tour get Planned Out?

Well the best way to plan out the Golden Triangle tour is by first visiting Delhi. Delhi being the capital of the country is easily accessible from any and every location and hence it is best to start your trip from here. Then after Delhi, move along to Agra and then move to Jaipur. The ideal Golden Triangle tour is planned out in this way. If you want then you can visit Varanasi from Jaipur and then return from there.

The Main Attractions of this Tour

Each of the three places covered in this tour come with their own specialities and attractions that make up for the appeals of the tour. We need to take each city, one by one in order to understand which the real points of interest are.

Delhi: Delhi is certainly one of the most interesting places in the country. There are a number of places of interest in this city. First and foremost, you need to take a tour of the Red Fort when in the city. Built during the time of Shah Jahan, the Red Fort is huge and promises an interesting time travel to the days of the Mughals.

The northern part of Delhi is the best part about the city since it is the oldest part. This is the home to the Chandi Chowk market, which is particularly known for the delicious Mughlai dishes that are available here. One stop at Kareem’s here for lunch is a must. Do visit the Khari Baoli to witness the largest spice market in Asia. You should also visit the Qutub Minar complex and particular note of the galvanised iron pillar which has not rusted since centuries.

Apart from these places of historical interest, you should also take a drive up to India Gate and the major places of political interest. Do visit Connaught Place if you want to catch happening side of Delhi and do not forget to shop till you drop in the extremely pocket friendly markets of Sarojini, Paharganj, etc.

Agra: There is no need to mention what Agra is famous for. Built with white marble, the resplendent beauty, Taj Mahal is the major attraction of this city. There are two tours of the Taj Mahal that you need to do- once in the morning and the other one at night. You will get to see a totally different Taj Mahal at these two times. You can also visit the Agra Fort here which is of particular significance. If you can find some time then do visit the small town of Fatehpur Sikri, built by the Mughals. When here, you will be able to get an idea about the live and luxury of the Mughals!

Jaipur: There is no better place in India than Rajasthan when it comes to fort of which Jaipur is certainly the star attraction. The Amber or Amer Fort is the main fort in Jaipur built by the Rajputs. It is a towering structure and a light and sound show in the evening will inform you more about the Rajputs of this fort. You can also visit the nearby forts of Mehrangarh and Nahargarh. These forts themselves are really interesting and each of them has their own purpose and design.

Apart from these forts, the Hawa Mahal is of special significance. Located right in the heart of the city this is one of the most beautiful and imposing structures in the city. It is believed that the women of the royal household, who were not allowed to go out, could see the markets from the windows of the Hawa Mahal. There is also a city palace in Jaipur that deserves special mention. Do try out the delicious dishes like a Rajasthani thali at the market near the Hawa Mahal. This is also a great place to shop for souvenirs at extremely pocket friendly prices.

You will need to stay for at least two nights in Delhi and Jaipur each and you will be able to cover Agra along with Fatehpur in about two days and hence it is imperative that your Golden Triangle tour be of at least five days. If you want to save time and energy, then you can book a car and travel from one place to the other. This is truly one of the most interesting tours of the country that everyone should try out.

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