Say No To Stress With These Amazing Stress Busting Foods

Work pressures, busy lives, long commuting distances, and unstable personal relations together act as trigger button for stress. There is much to do in limited time and deadlines are always tough to meet. The working professionals keep on struggling with targets while others struggle on personal front. Whatever may be the reason, stress is inevitable in today’s fast paced life, but you can have these 5 foods that actually act as stress busters.

1. Oats

Say No To Stress With These Amazing Stress Busting Foods

There is an established connection between stress and carbs. Many people have developed a habit to hog on carbohydrates whenever they are hit by stress. Having carbohydrates in stress is not bad at all and according to the research carried out by MIT, serotonin is produced by brain on eating carbohydrates and this would reduce the stress levels. While carbs are good, it is equally important to have complex carbs to keep a check on blood sugar levels that are otherwise elevated due to stress. Again, complex carbs like oats would offer other physical and mental benefits too. Next time you have food craving because of stress, keep away from sugary and fatty stuff, instead grab your bowl of oatmeal for instant stress relief.

2. Salmon

Say No To Stress With These Amazing Stress Busting Foods

Lately the benefits of salmon are known to all. This type of fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that nullify the effect of stress hormones. The stress hormones trigger the anxiety and also affect the functioning of your body. Having salmon would simply cut the harmful effects of these anxiety hormones. As per one study, 3 ounces of wild salmon in cooked form contains about 2,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids that is almost double the requirement of those suffering from heart issues.

3. Seeds and Nuts

Say No To Stress With These Amazing Stress Busting Foods

Eating and stress go hand in hand. Getting involved in some activity or having some lite bites are always considered to be stress busters. Though this is considered to be the great way to fight stress, people tend to eat all rubbish in that process. To combat this issue, one can grab handful of nuts and seeds as that will suffice your urge of biting while providing many benefits too. The seeds like sunflower seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds are rich in magnesium, which is known for its anti-depressant properties. Nuts also have anti-oxidants that may help you fight stress hormones.

4. Leafy Greens

Say No To Stress With These Amazing Stress Busting Foods

It is true that carbs have stress relieving properties but still you need to limit your carb intake for overall health. Other options for stress busting include leafy greens. Spinach is rich in folate that produces dopamine. Dopamine is the brain hormone that induces pleasure. The study published in Journal of Affective Disorders have revealed that those consuming more folate have happy lives. So, include more leafy greens to stay in pink of your mood.

5. Dark Chocolate

Say No To Stress With These Amazing Stress Busting Foods

By now it is known to most of the chocolate lovers that dark chocolate has health benefit too. This gives you the liberty to have the piece of chocolate a day but don’t eat the whole bar. The pressure on the blood vessels is released because of cocoa consumption, but for that your dark chocolate may contain minimum 70% cocoa for favorable results.

These 5 stress busters may ease out your stress and also help reducing further stress attacks.

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Carol is a self-employed private tutor.  She loves to write articles on her spare time, especially on health and wellness subjects. She published this article on behalf of Nutra Pure HCG, a weight loss diet plan that helps to reduce 1 to 2 lbs per day.

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