Features Of A Classy Airport

Unlike ancient times when only the filthy rich could afford to travel by aero planes, the present day business world makes provisions for more and more people to be able to travel by flight. The reduction in the prices of the tickets has made journey by aero plane accessible to a greater part of the society. It has consequently enhanced the need for the administrators to take care of the airports and make them places for complete relaxation as well as absolutely efficient.

People spend a lot of their time in the airports waiting for their flight and just like any railway station, require certain basic facilities at the place. It is thus that airports are being refined with more and more features that the common requires or might require while waiting at the airport. The airport majorly serves as a place of relaxation especially for those taking a break journey.

There are times when a passenger has already had a very long flight and is scheduled for another flight. This pit stop helps them to gather themselves from all the fatigue and tiredness and prepare for the rest of the journey, under such circumstances; it is but obvious that any traveler would want the best services.

Lisa Dudzik is a claims and contracts manager who has had the privilege of overseeing the construction of several airports and subway stations. She is definitely aware of the various aspects that the construction of an airport has to entail keeping in mind its target visitors.

Based on the survey of the some of the features that the best airports all over the world have, certain features can be short listed that can entitle an airport to be “classy”. They are as follows:

  1. High class amenities – while at the airport any traveler would be in need to freshen up and feel comfortable before taking on the rest of the journey. At a time like this, having access to the best, plush, posh, spic and span wash rooms is something that every individual would look forward to. Along with these the restrooms, dining areas as well as the waiting areas must be such that give ample provision for relaxation. Some airports even have game centers, shower rooms, spas, gardens and movie houses to help the passengers recreate in the best possible way.
  2. Connectivity – in today’s world no individual can stay away from their mobiles, laptops and other gizmos for a long time; and while travelling this becomes totally mandatory. People love to stay connected at all times giving updates of every minute either through personal messaging or more public social media. For this every classy airport definitely has top of the class connectivity.
  3. Smaller or no queues at all – journey in itself is rather tiring and hence no passenger would like to further wait in queues for anything anymore. The increased number of check in and immigration counters help reduce this problem.

For people who work behind the scenes in the construction of airport like Lisa Dudzik have an idea of how much of hard work goes into the planning of the infrastructure of an airport, so as it be able to provide to its passengers and travelers the best possible experience of relaxation while at their airport. This is what a ‘Classy Airport’ is all about.

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